Hashoo Group kicks of star of future programme

Hashoo Group, owners of Pakistan’s landmark Pearl-Continental and Marriott Hotels, has announced the launch of its “Star of the Future Program” on Sunday. Murtaza Hashwani, Deputy Chairman & CEO of Hashoo Group joined a select group of employees for the launch of a pioneering training program designed by Azam Jamil, Vice President of Learning & Development at Hashoo Group’s Hospitality Division.

This 18-month training course is a first of its kind for the hospitality industry in the country. It brings together a group of employees from diverse functions in the hospitality division including Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Engineering, and Procurement, for an interactive program specially designed to build the next generations of senior leaders in the company. The kick-off dinner included an induction ceremony to recognize the employees selected for the program.

Murtaza Hashwani congratulated the group and said “It is always a good time to spend on human capital, especially now with our new government’s commitment to building the travel and tourism industry in Pakistan. As we prepare to expand our portfolio of hotels by almost 50% in the next year our workforce must grow not only in size but also in skill, to keep up with the growth of our economy. We have invested a lot in this program, and I am confident it will provide our employees with the training they need to meet future demands.”

Candidates from nine hotels across the country passed a stringent selection process that required a series of aptitude tests and interviews. The Star of the Future Program will offer more than 500 hours of tailor-made training in different disciplines. “I designed this course to cover the key elements of hotel and hospitality management on one side and a whole spectrum of soft skills on the other. The Star of the Future Program will not only yield skilled managers but better human beings and better leaders as well,” added Azam Jamil, Vice President of Learning & Development.

Source: www.pakobserver.net

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