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All Pakistan Restaurant Association Awards honour the city’s culinary best

The All Pakistan Restaurant Association (APRA) which is the only registered apex body for restaurants and food in Pakistan gloriously presented the APRA Awards 2019 – Pakistan’s first ever customer choice food award show that took place on Monday at a local hotel.

Award shows are already an entertainment industry staple but restaurant awards are a welcome addition for Pakistan. It was a food and performance packed night where twenty-three awards were given to deserving recipients.

The event kicked off with a red carpet, abuzz with prominent names in the food industry, spokespeople from APRA, the Ministry of Commerce and Government of Pakistan as well as top news channels in Pakistan. Amongst the distinguished names who made an appearance were, Provincial Minister of Sindh, Karachi Commissioner and Station Commander Karachi. As the night progressed, the energy turned more electric as the hall was buzzing to see which restaurants will come out on the top.

The charismatic Ali Safina was the host of the evening who welcomed everyone to APRA Awards and entertained the audience with relatable food jokes, his witty one-liners and his fast paced, electric energy.

He called Mohammad Naeem Siddiqui, Chairman of APRA to the stage where he gave a heartfelt speech and said, “We are a nation of foodies hence the importance of food in Pakistani culture is huge and this is why award shows such as this one are needed to uphold a certain standard. We decided to host APRA Awards with the aim to celebrate the best in the Pakistani food scene, starting from Karachi, as well as maintaining food and service excellence within the restaurant industry and allow these restaurants to have a platform where their services can be recognized.”

Ali Safina then proceeded to set a dynamic tone and with that the first awards category of the night was set in motion.

The first few Customer Choice Awards were presented by Murtaza Wahab, advisor to Chief Minister Sindh. This was followed by four more awards, that were presented by Saaed Ghani, the Provincial Minister of Sindh for Local Government and Imran Ijaz, CEO of Menu. The awards for Best Chai, Best Coffee, Best Biryani and Best Pizza were presented next, with popular chai spots winning big. The next few were presented by the Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, Karachi Commissioner, and Sheikh Mansoor Ahmed, CEO of Shangrilla Foods. The final five awards in this category were presented by Major Naseem, Station Commander Karachi and Siraj Kassam Teli from Pepsi Co.

The next category was the esteemed Jury award which was decided by the Jury panel. The award for Best Fine Dining Restaurant of 2019 was presented by Baasit Hussain, Commisioner Sindh Revenue Board and Sikandar Sultan, the Chairman of Shan Foods.

Following this were the Special APRA Awards, which were decided by the APRA awards committee. Best Customer Experience, Food Veteran Award of 2019 were presented to the recipients. The final three awards for the night were the Best Brand Turnaround Award, Best Industry Facilitator and Lifetime Achievement Award and for that Mumtaz Ali Shah, Chief Secretary Sindh and Nausheen Jaffery, National Sales Head of Nestle were called onto the stage to hand over these APRA Special Awards.

The entertainment act for the evening was with Shehzad Ghias who is an acclaimed stand-up comedian, famous for using his wit and comedic timing to tell captivating stories to the audience. This comic act served as the perfect filler for the audience in between awards, turning the energy in the room lighter and well intact.

After the awards were presented, Ali Safina commemorated a food legend, Zubaida Tariq well-known as Zubaida Apa, the chef who pioneered home cooking all over Pakistan. With a career that spans over decades, and a face that every household was familiar with, APRA honored the late chef, by calling to the stage her daughter, Mrs. Shaha Jamshed. Receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award, the daughter gave a moving speech about her mother’s passion for food while thanking APRA Awards for celebrating her mother and with that the first APRA Awards successfully came to a grand closing.

APRA being the most respected restaurant authority that is licensed by Directorate General Trade Organization (DGTO), Ministry of Commerce and Government of Pakistan holds the authenticity that an Awards Office should have. The main objective of hosting these awards is to maintain food and service excellence within the Pakistani restaurant industry through healthy competition and provide restaurants with an alternate avenue for increased recognition.

In this first phase of APRA Awards, the idea is to recognize and reward the best performing restaurants in Karachi from different food categories for their special features, food and service excellence, outstanding dining, ambiance or delivery experiences. Moving forward, more cities such as Lahore, Islamabad and others will also be catered to hence making it an all-Pakistan Food Award Show.


Two Pakistani meat plants get export approval from Malaysia

KARACHI: Malaysian authorities have approved two Pakistani establishments for exporting meat and its allied products to Malaysia, which would open a new meat export market for the country, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) said.

Pakistan exports around four percent of beef and veal produced in a year. This was despite the fact that the country was among the top 10 beef and veal producers in the world, producing approximately 1.8 million tons.

According to details, TDAP and Animal Quarantine Department (AQD) of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research invited Malaysia’s Department of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro – Based Industry, to inspect and visit meat processing establishments in Pakistan.

The team of the Veterinary Inspection Section, Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia which consisted of four representatives, visited three establishments in Karachi and four establishments in Lahore. They also held meetings with TDAP and AQD, Islamabad officials during their visit.

“Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia (DVS) and Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has informed that they have approved two Pakistani establishments namely Zenith Associates, Lahore and Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited, Lahore for exporting meat and its allied products to Malaysia,” a statement issued by TDAP noted.

“This will now open a potential market for export of meat and its allied products for Pakistan, further giving an essential and prosperous boost for Pakistan’s exports of meat to Malaysia,” it added.

Exports of meat and meat preparations amounted to $242.799 million in the last fiscal year, up 7.61 percent over the preceding fiscal year. The exports accounted for merely 1.1 percent of the country’s total exports of $22.979 billion in FY2019. Pakistan is self-sufficient in meat production. Local consumption is estimated at 15 kilograms per capita.

According to data from market research and corporate management consulting company Coherent Market Insights, the global Halal food market was valued at $715 billion in 2018, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.7 percent in the coming years (2019-2027).

Pakistan has a considerable share of the Halal market and is in a good position. Currently, Pakistan’s meat is mainly being exported to Gulf countries, Vietnam and Malaysia.


Horeca World officially launched in Pakistan

KARACHI: FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Limited hosted Soft Launch Ceremony of Horeca World Pakistan – International Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Technology Exhibition and Conference (A perfect platform for food and hospitality solutions, A widespread and first of its kind event in Pakistan) at a local hotel.

The event was inaugurated by Punjab Minister for Food Mr. Samiullah Chaudhary. On the occasion, the Minister said that “FAKT Exhibitions has taken a wonderful initiative by organising the exhibition, which will provide an opportunity for the food chains to showcase their state of the art equipment and technology. He further added that exhibitions like this play a pivotal role in strengthening our industries and uplifting the economy of Pakistan.”

The event was also attended by top notch government officials and industry leaders such as Almas Hyder, President – The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Mustansir Zakir, Chairman – Pakistan Hotels Association, which were welcomed by M. Saleem Khan Tanoli, CEO – FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd. and Tabinda Qureshi, Project Head.

Later this year, the exhibition will be organised by FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd. from 22nd-24th October 2019 at Expo Centre Lahore. The exhibition will bring together all stakeholders of institutional supplies, hotels, restaurant, cafes and brands under one roof and will be a great platform for the buyers, purchase initiators, end users and the decision makers to meet suppliers and fulfil their current & future requirements.

It will also have a concurrent event Food Tech Pakistan – The International Food, Equipment and Technology Exhibition & Conference, which will cater the food industry.

The Horeca World along with Food Tech Pakistan is expected to have participation of companies from around the globe which will showcase their international state of the art equipment and technology. This will create awareness and encourage our local industry to implement international standards, resulting in improved process and production by the industry.

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FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt.) Ltd hosted Soft Launch Ceremony of Horeca World Pakistan 2019

Lahore: FAKT Exhibitions (Pvt) Ltd. hosted Soft Launch Ceremony of HORECA WORLD PAKISTAN International Hotels,Restaurants, Cafes & Technology Exhibition & Conference (A perfect platform for food and hospitality solutions, A widespread and first of its kind event in Pakistan) at a local hotel

The Event was inaugurated by Punjab Minister of Food Mr Samiullah Chaudhary. on the occasion minister said that Read More


Hashoo Group kicks of star of future programme

Hashoo Group, owners of Pakistan’s landmark Pearl-Continental and Marriott Hotels, has announced the launch of its “Star of the Future Program” on Sunday. Murtaza Hashwani, Deputy Chairman & CEO of Hashoo Group joined a select group of employees for the launch of a pioneering training program designed by Azam Jamil, Vice President of Learning & Development at Hashoo Group’s Hospitality Division.

This 18-month training course is a first of its kind for the hospitality industry in the country. It brings together a group of employees from diverse functions in the hospitality division including Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Food & Beverage, Front Office, Engineering, and Procurement, for an interactive program specially designed to build the next generations of senior leaders in the company. The kick-off dinner included an induction ceremony to recognize the employees selected for the program.

Murtaza Hashwani congratulated the group and said “It is always a good time to spend on human capital, especially now with our new government’s commitment to building the travel and tourism industry in Pakistan. As we prepare to expand our portfolio of hotels by almost 50% in the next year our workforce must grow not only in size but also in skill, to keep up with the growth of our economy. We have invested a lot in this program, and I am confident it will provide our employees with the training they need to meet future demands.”

Candidates from nine hotels across the country passed a stringent selection process that required a series of aptitude tests and interviews. The Star of the Future Program will offer more than 500 hours of tailor-made training in different disciplines. “I designed this course to cover the key elements of hotel and hospitality management on one side and a whole spectrum of soft skills on the other. The Star of the Future Program will not only yield skilled managers but better human beings and better leaders as well,” added Azam Jamil, Vice President of Learning & Development.


Growing Popularity Of Coffee Cafes In Pakistan

The beverage Industry has emerged as one of the most productive sectors in Pakistan over the years. In this regard, coffee consumption has witnessed sudden surge thanks to growing popularity of cafe culture especially in posh areas of cities like Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. In fact, out of home coffee consumption has immensely contributed to the increased in-house consumption as well.

In advanced countries and bigger markets like United States and Austria, the per capita coffee consumption exceeds 5 kilograms and 10 kilograms respectively. In Pakistan, the per capita consumption is less than 0.8 kilogram. However, people are drinking more coffee than ever before and there is plenty of room for newcomers to capitalise on this trend and start their new business with a bang. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in saying that rise of cafe culture incorporates huge potential for anyone who is willing to invest in this thriving industry.

Coffee sales in Pakistan are expected to grow at exponential rate over next few years. Analytics and market experts argue that such a growth is impossible without the contribution of our young generation. Coffee cafes have done a marvelous job of attracting teenagers and young adults to their outlets as they also offer them a chance to socialise with each other on regular basis. This will also prompt them to consume more tea at home, practically helping coffee industry to achieve its sale targets.

It is also a fact that coffee is fast becoming the beverage of choice for the people of Pakistan. Again, cafes such as Coffee Planet have played their pivotal role in making coffee a household beverage especially in the urban areas of the country. Another encouraging trend that can further help this very industry to prosper is the stiff competition between local as well as international brands that are ready to leverage the great opportunity the increasing popularity of the coffee offers.

Some experts are of the opinion that consumers will particularly benefit from arrival of new players because they will have more options to choose from. It should also be an exciting competition because Pakistani brands will have an edge over famous international brands as they have better understanding of local market and its unique needs. However, we should not underestimate international companies as they are well equipped with global best practices. Many people strongly believe that there is also a chance for all of them to coexist profitably.

After conquering big cities, Coffee Planet and other cafes must also concentrate on tier 2 and tier 3 cities. For example, major part of population of cities like Gujrat and Jhelum can afford to visit such cafes and enjoy their favorite coffee brands. They should also take heart from the fact that other famous and elite brands from different industries like Chen One, Junaid Jamshed, Borjan and Service are operating profitably in these cities.

Last but not the least, certain growth is imminent for all the coffee vendors, especially for high profile cafes in the likes of Coffee Planet. Coffee consumption in Pakistan will increase in coming years which will ensure sustainable growth. On-trade consumption will enjoy massive growth thanks to growing trend of socialising with friends, relatives and colleagues at cafes. All these factors combine to portray a very positive future for this already extremely lucrative industry.


Hashoo Group to open five-star hotels in Gilgit-Baltistan

LAHORE: The Hashoo Group is all set to expand its business in Pakistan as it plans to open another three five-star hotels, this time in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B), said the group’s hospitality division chief operating officer.

The group has already announced that it will begin work on four new five-star hotels by next year in Mirpur, Multan, Hayatabad and Malam Jabba under its Pearl Continental (PC) brand.

A significantly improved security situation in the country has helped boost annual tourist arrivals in Pakistan by 300% with 1.75 million tourists in 2017.

There has been a significant increase in the annual tourism rate and business travel in Pakistan. Domestic travellers have increased 30%, according to the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

New hotels will be constructed in Skardu, Hunza and one other city of G-B. Currently, the Hashoo Group is operating seven five-star hotels under the PC brand and two under the Marriot brand.

“Improved security situation and better road connectivity in northern areas has given us an opportunity to expand,” Hashoo Group COO Hasseb A Gardezi told The Express Tribune.

Improved inter-city travel, especially in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and people’s interest in exploring new tourist spots encouraged the group to expand at a much faster pace so that it could capitalise on the opportunity, Gardezi added.

Apart from adding new properties to its network, the group has also opened itself as managing partner for the investors who have finances to build five-star hotels but do not have expertise in hospitality business.

“We are willing to manage portfolios of such investors; we have successfully implemented this model at our Hotel-One brand,” the COO said. He said one of their upcoming five-star hotel projects – PC Malam Jabba – was based on that model. “The building of Malam Jabba hotel is being constructed by the Samsons Group and we will be managing partners of the property,” Gardezi said.

“We are also looking for new partnerships, no matter whether they are from the private or public sector.”

For Gardezi, these upcoming projects will not be the end of the group’s efforts to support Pakistan’s hospitality and tourism industry. The group will continue to expand to other areas where tourist activities are gaining momentum. However, it is looking for government’s support.

“There is ample land available with the government at different tourist spots, which it cannot develop itself. We are looking for public-private partnerships through open competition, so that we can bid and build a hotel there.”

“There are a lot of government guest houses and rest houses, which are not being run efficiently; we are ready to come forward with proposals to make such places profitable for the government. We are also willing to discuss with the government utilisation of historic buildings for commercial purposes.”

Gardezi urged the government to bring down the duty on pre-fabricated material to zero. “We want to build pre-fabricated hotels in future since they take much lesser time than the conventional process; if the government gives a relief on such structures, then it will be much easier for us to construct three to four-star hotels in one year.”

According to Gardezi, constructing a five-star hotel can cost between Rs3 billion and Rs4 billion excluding land. The group has already raised Rs7 billion through bond floats to meet expenses for ongoing projects. He said for upcoming projects the group would manage finances. “We have a revenue stream from every-day operations.”